What is Coyote Country....

Here's a quick background about what Coyote Country is. Coyote Country was a nickname created by Leo. This website was designed as a way to share his family's outdoor adventures with his extended family and friends.

Since hunting and fishing was one of his passions, he had been faithfully watching a show called “The Search” on Wild TV. During the spring of 2014, Leo decided to submit his footage to this show with the hopes of being selected to be part of a national contest. The premise of “The Search” was where it's producers pre-screened and selected 8 teams of "Regular Joes" from across North America that they felt produced quality and entertaining video footage from their own filmed hunts. These teams then competed against each other on "The Search" where the viewer at home ultimately picked their favorite team. During July 2014, Leo received the news that "Coyote Country" had been selected to participate and compete on Season 2 of "The Search". "The Search" aired for 3 months during 2015 on Wild TV (Canadian network) and on the Pursuit Channel (USA network). The long story short is during the early part of July 2015, he was informed that "Coyote Country" was chosen as the Canadian winner.

What did this mean for "Coyote Country"? The prize consisted of having 13 videos to be aired on "Wild TV" during the third quarter of 2016.  After the videos aired, Coyote Country, decided not to pursue the outdoor television field any further and wanted to concentrate on their family outdoor adventures.