Martin was born and raised in Alberta's Peace Country. He grew up on a farm about 50 km south of Peace River, and at the age of 16 his family moved to Peace River, Alberta. Fishing has always been part of life for Martin, and an activity he loved to share with his dad. Although many uncles and cousins hunted, it wasn't until the move to Peace River and becoming friends with Leo that the passion for hunting really developed. Martin looks forward to every fall with the anticipation of getting out there so he can take in the very distinct smells of fall, and for the calling in of Moose and Elk. Martin has now found a new addiction in pursuing those wiley coyotes.

Susan was raised on a small farm near Yellow Creek, Saskatchewan. She has always had an admiration for animals and the outdoors. As an only child, the farm animals often became her "friends". Susan was always exposed to hunting and fishing, as her father Joe was an avid outdoorsman. After marrying her husband Leo, she found herself "shadowing" him on several hunting and fishing adventures. This is how the hunting bug finally set in. She is the rookie of the team, but has already proven herself by harvesting a few animals with her archery gear.

Mitch was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, and moved to Cranbrook, British Columbia with his family when he was 11 years old. Some of Mitch's earliest memories are of following his dad around archery hunting in the Porcupine Hills and missing school to go to hunting with his dad and friends in Yahk, British Columbia. Mitch really looks forward and enjoys the comradery of hunting with great friends. Moose hunting, goose/duck hunting, the hunts at buck factory, mule deer hunts, and sheep hunts are some of the great hunting experiences Mitch has been able to share with his friends.

Meet the Team Members of Coyote Country

Leo was born in St. Paul, Alberta. At the age of 4 and a half his family moved to Peace River, Alberta. Hunting and fishing was the "norm" for the Paquin family. We're quite certain that this aspect is genetic, especially if you take a look at the long line of Paquin hunters that came before him. The Peace Country was an excellent setting for Leo to "cut his teeth" into the hunting world and likely the reason while Mule Deer hunting holds a soft spot for him. Leo thoroughly enjoys seeking adventures in new remote areas, all while pursuing the diversity of wild game species that Alberta has to offer. The last few years Leo has found a new passion in predator hunting.